Road 2 Glory 2016 bracket

Road 2 Glory is less than a month away! We hope you are as excited as we are!
During this preliminary tournament 9 teams will compete for the 4 golden tickets to Skates of Glory. Curious to know which teams will play each other? Check out the bracket for R2G 2016 below!

Bracket R2G2016

And The Attendees Are…

We are happy to announce the awesome teams for R2G en SOG 2016!

Arnhem Fallen Angels
Blackland Rockin’ Rollers
Brussels Derby Pixies (SOG)
Rotterdam Roller Derby
Dom City Dolls (SOG)
Holy Wheels Menace
Namur Roller Girls (SOG)
One Love Roller Dolls (SOG)
Roller Derby Luxemburg
Rolling Zombie Dolls
Suck City Rock’n Roller Dolls
Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies
The 4 teams who did best @ SOG 2015 are allowed a direct pass to SOG 2016! Others will compete at Road 2 Glory first.
R2G: 3rd of September 2016
SOG: 1th and 2nd of October 2016

See You There!
Lots of (One) Love

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Sign up, please!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Time is running closer to the 1st of June. That’s your deadline to sign up for ‘Road 2 Glory’ and ‘Skates of Glory’.
Haven’t received an e-mail? Be sure to check your Spamfolders!

Lots of love – OneLoveHQ


Skates of Glory Returns

One Love Roller Dolls is happy to announce that there will we another edition of Road to Glory AND Skates of Glory later this year. All the other information will be revealed to you shortly!


Meet the non-skating officials

Under the experienced wings of tournament head nso, Nurse Baumwollen, these amazing crews of nso’s will make sure every game will run smoother than hot chocolat butter creme!

Ministry of silly stats

Nat Safe For Work
Ac Daisy

Crew 1

HNSO/PW I am Groot
PT Germanätrix
IWB Delirious diver
JT Iceman
SBO Speedy Convalesce
SK General Teresa
SK Your Highness
PBM Barbaard
LT Miss D. Moan
LT TomBola

Crew 2

HNSO Joe Care
PT Nurgle Bomber
PW Joe Care
IWB Viole(n)tly Happy
JT Lula-D-Blood
SBO Mr Playdo
SK Lola LaStrange
SK Foxx Tank
PBM Emily of the State
PBT Exoskeleton
LT Loesoe
LT Saint Savage

Meet the announcers

All Anchors


The Head Announcer for Skates Of Glory 2015. He found his way from the stage to a roller derby track after the demise of his band. He started announcing for Antwerp’s finest derby league, the One Love Roller Dolls, in May 2014 and has been sticking around ever since. Because of his former experience as a singer for several metal and hardcore bands, he’s very used to screaming in a microphone, which results in his already legendary and everlasting “powerjaaaaaaaaaam” shouts. As an announcer, All Anchors serves you the combination of game details and crowd entertainment.



Bulldog has been announcing roller derby since 2007. He brings an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to the Skates Of Glory tournament and he will be without a doubt a massive added value to team mouth.

Justin Jorwai JUSTIN JÖRWAI:

Justine Jörwai has been announcing games for the last four years, including a few tournaments. You can catch her calling a game as well as skating a few this weekend, as she will give her all with tournament hosts One Love Roller Dolls


She has been skating for Suck City Rock n’ Roller Dolls since 2012 and active within the Suck City league as trainer. After a shoulder injury she decided that if she cannot be on track with the dolls, she should pick up other activities within the derby community and started announcing. Her first announcing experience was at a double header organized as preliminary bouts for Bloed, Skates and Tranen Championships. Since then she has announced various headers, sur5al games and a tournament.  How do you recognize her besides the microphone in her hand? Just look for the flaming shoes.

Sir Talks A LotSIR – TALKS – A – LOT

Sir-Talks-A-Lot started announcing a couple of years ago by sheer coincidence. A few memorable moments were announcing at the 2nd edition of Bloed Skates and Tranen, the dutch championschips of 2015. Rock and Rollerderby 2014 and 2015 (as headannouncer), the first Sur5all tournament in the Netherlands hosted by the Rotterdam Death Row Honeys and loads and loads of games in the Netherlands and a few in Belgium


Biertrix is an experienced announcer from Manchester in the UK,a former skater who founded Rainy City Roller Girls and skated with them for  5 seasons.

She has announced extensively at tournaments across Europe and travelled to Dallas last year to announce at the Women’s Roller Derby World Cup


He started his roller derby career as a referee for Pink Peril Roller Derby and Bristol Roller Derby. In 2012 Johnny B. Rude decided it was time to step up his game and started playing himself. Starting with Team NL and The Motherf*cking Care Bears. He later joined Les Vî-Kings and tried out announcing for the first time in May of this year


Patsy Paranoia normally skates for the One Love Roller Dolls but suffered a severe injury from which she’s still recovering. As part of the winning team of last year, she knows the ins and outs to participate at Skates Of Glory. She only gained her first announcing experience at the preliminary tournament Road 2 Glory but made an immediate impression and will be on the mic during Skates Of Glory as well.

Meet the skating officials crew

Skates of glory is proud to announce these amazing skating official crews. Yes two crews, there will be sweat!

Crew 1 : Dalahästarna

IPR/HR: Divide by Zero
IPR: RefRigerator 
JR: Mercy B. Coup
JR: Razor
OPR: Dude Law
OPR: Dirty Härry
OPR: Agatha Power
ALT: MegaHz

Crew 2 : My Lille Poney

IPR: Der Konich
JR: The Hoarse Whistler
JR: Castor Fibre
OPR: Wonder Zebra
OPR: Kurdy Malloy
ALT: Mastermind