The’ll be talking your skates off!


Miss VanHelsing

You have surely see his kilt one day in a European roller derby game, Shut The Fred Up is announcing at R2G! He comes from Lutèce Destroyeuses, WFTDA Full Member Parisian league and has been AFTDA certified for over a year now. He has been striding across Europe for more than 3 years now (SKOD, European Smackdown, West Strack Story, French Championships, ERDT and many more). It’s gonna be his first time at Road To Glory and Skate of Glory also. He can’t wait to pronounce his now famous catchphrase: “IT’S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIME FOR ROLLER DERBY”!

Rock ‘n Rose
Last year she stood on track, this year on the sideline with a mic in her hand. Rock ‘n Rose is most known as jammer at the Parliament of Pain and as DJ with her wifey as the Rebel Yell, but when beer is involved and Sir Talks-A-Lot ask asks her if she could announce, ofcourse she said yes. With years of derby experience, she knows her game and now we’re going to see if she can speak to audiences as well! Let’s see if this loudmouth has as much to say in heels as she does on skates.

Es Terminate
Treehugger by day, derby girl by night and ready to talk your socks off sometime in between. A rookie announcer excited to play with the big shots and hone her skills while enjoying some amazing roller derby bouts.

Sir-Talks-A-Lot started announcing in 2013 by sheer coincidence. Since then he is often seen and heard next to the track in the Netherlands (and sometimes in Belgium). A few memorable moments so far were announcing at Skates of Glory 2015, Bloed, Skates en Tranen 2015 (the Dutch championchips), Rock ‘n Rollerderby 2014, 2015 and 2016 and the European Smackdown 2016. If he’s not rocking the mic, he’s sitting in the rafters watching the game and cheering for his girl.

Knikmops 250
Knikmops 250 is one of the enthousiastic OLRD-rookies. Her first time announcing for a Roller Derby match. Sport was never her passion, books and lying in bed were. And then, slowly but surely she got sucked in to this dark Roller Derby world. Now she plays sport for FUN and watches sport for FUN. Weird.